Why Choose Us?

Our objective is to ensure that we meet our clients' aspirations for considered, high quality design while being mindful of budgetary and time constraints. We aim to be practical, efficient and responsive to our clients' needs, creating buildings which respond to their context while providing satisfying living and working environments.

  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainable Design
  • Architectual Conservation

Health and Safety

Health & Safety expertise is provided Desmond Crean, a consultancy which provides Project Supervisor Design Process services for building projects from small scale domestic through to large governmental, corporate and institutional projects. Desmond Crean holds a diploma in Health & Safety from University College Dublin.

Sustainable Design

Crean Salley Architects are committed both to the theory and practice of sustainable design. This is evidenced by specific design strategies and the practice’s commitment to Low Carbon Building at construction, operational and renovation and deconstruction phases. Gerry Salley holds a master’s degree in Advanced Environmental and Energy Systems from the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales.

Architectual Conservation

Crean Salley Architects are Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland Grade 2 and Grade 3 qualified conservation architects having completed numerous conservation projects for private, religious and institutional clients.

Ethiopia Aid

Crean Salley Architects has recently become engaged as a partner with Ethipia Aid. Ethiopia Aid have projects ranging from maternal health and women's welfare, to education and disabilities . They work for an Ethiopia free from poverty, in which every person has access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity. You can find more out on their website